Why SpendGenie?

SpendGenie calculates the amount of monthly income you can spend from your retirement account. It does this by using all your retirement account balances, your investment preference, and your health to estimate how much money you can spend monthly. It is only a recommendation so if you spend a little more or a little less; or if you earn more or less in your account, that's OK. SpendGenie uses sophisticated algorithms (think stochastic models and self- driving cars!) to recalculate how much you'll need going forward. Follow our recommendation, update your info regularly and never run out of money!


Is SpendGenie right for you?

Regardless of your situation, SpendGenie will tell you how much money you can spend. If you need to spend more, that's OK, SpendGenie will adjust for next month. Ultimately, it allows you to learn how your actual expenses line up with what you have to spend and act on that information!

Who we are

Jay Vadiveloo and Mark Hug are actuaries. We know; you may need to look that up! They have used their understanding of statistics and marketing to come up with this simple yet powerful tool that no one else has. Jay is currently a professor of actuarial mathematics at University of Connecticut and director of the Goldenson Center for Actuarial Research. He has used his unique skills of combining theoretical statistics with usable applications. SpendGenie is the first ever algorithm that translates complex processes into practical results. Mark has over 40 years in the financial services industry. He combines his actuarial skills into understandable concepts that everyone can use. They are proud to bring you this first ever tool. Please let them know what you think and how they can improve it.

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